WD GANN Astrological Trading Review

Most of the traders feel confusion when it comes to Trading with astro analysis since there will have a lot of lines all over the chart that essentially come into view randomly drawn. But, it can be fairly revealing if you know what you are looking for as well as if you can perform a closer examination of those lines. Planets show a nature just like a human does and every planet vibrates a special planetary influence depending on their intrinsic natural nature, cycle frequency as well as general disposition.


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You can be successful at Astrological Trading if you can get a better understanding of the nature of each planet. Once you know the nature of each planet then you will further know the significance of the aspects they make with each other and you will have a better approval of the cause for sudden dramatic move in market prices, erratic weather performance or even natural disasters.

WD Gann was a great person in Astrological Trading who understood the natures and disposition of these planets. He was devoted whole life to learning about planetary aspects and the nature of the vibration they make when in close immediacy to each other.

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