Unique Forex Indicator Review

For the last 3 weeks I have been trying to warn people that a unique forex indicator (UFI) is a scam. A small number listened but most did not. I have dealt and got scammed and I did not want any people to get conned with $1000. UFI uses a bait and switch scam technique lures you with one indicator and sells you scam. The indicator is MTF and Multi time frame. It will not repaint on back test but on forward test it will repaint.


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As what you observe on YouTube videos and what you have on your screenshots are different indicators, or am I mistaken? Performing the equal but different names? Could someone of those scammed people post the indicator here so that the scam is exposed once and forever? All those screenshots do not give details things much. Moreover, we get the feeling that somebody likes everyone else to think that the indicator is useless.

For your own good I warn you only one of its kind forex indicators is a scam. I have done my greatest to tell you. That indicator on the video is an mtf indicator. Sefc and mtf indicators are set to 4hr chart or daily chart. You may purchase sefc indicator or super trend indicator.

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