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‘Encyclopedia Of Chart Patterns’ is an accessible guide to understanding and using technical chart patterns. Chart pattern analysis is not only one of the most important making an investment tools, but also one of the most popular. Loaded with in-depth ideas and realistic advice, Getting Started in Chart Patterns is designed to help both new and professional investors profit by monitoring and determining specific graph styles.


In this improved and extended second version of the top selling Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns, Johnson Bulkowski up-dates the traditional with new performance research for both fluff and keep marketplaces and 23 new styles, along with a second area dedicated to ten event styles. Bulkowski informs you how to trade the significant activities such as every quarter income reports, retail store sales, stock improvements and downgrades that shape present day trading and uses research to back up his strategy. This extensive new version is must-have referrals if you’re a specialized investor or investor.

This book is a great accomplishment that fills up a gap for everyone who uses maps. Bulkowski has taken a brilliant and careful strategy to generating realistic information to analyzing graph formations.

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