The Free Momods Night Scalper Clean-Up Review

I think most of you have come to like the free version of Momods Night Scalper as much as I like. I would like to offer you performing a few clean-ups as well as changes to the last free v3.02, since I already did in correcting the risk mgt. with lot sizing error. I am using a trade logic that is already fairly good as well as enough trade filters or signals are obtainable to play around with. I as well won’t take in every gimmick I have implemented in my own unique Night scalper, to gradually turn Momods version into mine.


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The most important thing is that the main improvements in trading at this step will possibly come from improved settings. There are number of actions you should be willing to perform on the code:

1. Enhanced auto magic number creation. The current logic is not actually randomizing the magic’s, as well as a PITA for little 5-digit account numbers.

2. Something comparable can be done for the trade remark, to create it harder for the brokers to spot the EA.

3. Perform a code clean-up, as the current code is fairly confused in places and actually hard to potentially adapt for future logic improvements.

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