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ATR Trailing Stop EA Review

ATR Trailing Stop is the best Expert Advisor I have been using ever. You can give the ticket number to manage your single position as well as all the position on the chart. I usually trade with GBPUSD, EURUSD, and USDCAD. You can also use this EA for more pairs too. You have to attach the indicator as well as EA to the preferred pair. If you attach a pair such as EURUSD, all EURUSD position will be trailed.


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A trailing stop is a stop loss that follows the market orderly by a predetermined distance like 20 pips. As soon as the price reverses as well as retraces back by 20+ pips, your trailing stop will be triggered plus your order will be stopped up. It allows you to make safe your profits as the trade goes further in a positive way.

If you would like it to use it on ALL trades then it is very easy, otherwise you can code the EA to need an order number. However you have to manage multiple charts if you have multiple trades.

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