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HWSteele Simple Astro Forecasting Methods Review

In this post, I am going to introduce a simple Astro Forecasting Method named Astrolog 5.40. It is a 100% freeware astrology program that can work with any versions for Windows, DOS, the Macintosh, and UNIX, as well as the complete source code is obtainable too. I have been using this astrology software for many years. It does the whole thing for me so I have never seen a cause to buy other software. You can use some free charts as well if you don’t have some you have used already. The advanced chart button will get you to charts you can change the date range to what ever you wish for, which is supportive to do forecasting study.


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You can save the information about this software that I showed in this post. I will be showing you many things like setting colors and other setting in the ext post soon. You have to reset it every time you use this software. I am using it for New York City. As well as, you have to know where you will add the coordinates if you want to use other cities instead of New York.

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