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CMT Books Complete Review

If you want to pass Chartered Market Technicians (CMT) exams, you should be prepared properly. A significant effort is required for all candidates wishing to effectively complete the 3 exam levels. The MTA authorization board has suggested the following minimum study hours for CMT exams, based on having a common college education as well as work knowledge in the financial markets.

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CMT Exam Level 1 – 100 hours

CMT Exam Level 2 – 140 hours

CMT Exam Level 3 – 160 hours

CMT EXAM Level 1

The CMT 1 candidate is accountable for the stuff on a definition level. The candidate must know the terms used in these readings, be capable to explain the concepts discussed in these readings, and be capable to examine trends.

Exam time length: 2 hours


CMT EXAM Level 2

The CMT 2 candidate is accountable for the theory plus a few basic applications of concepts and techniques covered by the assigned readings.

Exam time length: 4 hours


CMT EXAM Level 3

The CMT 3 candidate is likely to show his/her proficiency in the incorporation of the various indicators and concepts associated with technical analysis.

Exam time length: 4 hours

Exam format: ESSAY


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