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Time To Buy or Sell Indicator Free Download

Time to buy or sell indicator looks great and possibly it will not repaint. May be you are capable to do back testing and will show the indicator to be great. But, when you use it in real time it appears different. And I have also got tried dealing some indicators whereby people say they don’t repaint.  One of the authors wrote that the indicator does not redraw is absolutely nonsense, it is redrawn you’ll observe it next Monday. Unluckily I have to state that this indicator repaints badly. It might look like a “holy grail” when you load it in chart but if you refresh your chart after 5 hours things would come into view totally different.  I have tested this relatively earlier that’s why I didn’t make a post.

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I am writing this post because I don’t want you to waste your time for testing repainting indicators. Repainting is not a good thing but a matter of anxiety.

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