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How to Convert AFL Code to MT4

If you want to convert AFL code to MT4, you have to download Amibroker Software and try testing it on real time charts. I am now running windows Vista 64 bit and Amibroker 5.2 Professional. I have already installed the plug in as instructed without any difficultly.  But I have noticed that when I checked the database settings configuration region, the server information was empty with a port setting of 1950. The entire plug in will do is show “wait” upon starting then no transform. I then attempt to “connect” with the server but it then reads mistake.


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The drawback of patterns is that they get extensive as the price increase or drop further after the pattern has been made, it can be a 5 min, 15 min or hourly chart. For instance, a bearish pattern is made at 5900 nifty, however as nifty extends further to 5940, the pattern does not alter but the pattern gets extensive.

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