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My Best EA Free Download

In this post, I am interested to share my best Expert Advisor and indicator which I am using on my live accounts. So, this post might be very useful for newbie and all traders too. It has been a long time that I am using a manual indicator. This is more common indicator but I have grouped it with some other indicators to increase its performance.


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Krish manual forex is working very fine for me. For running it with moderate risk, you have to place .01 lots per $2,500. This will not give you chance to get rich, but you will earn money. The recommended pairs are USDCAD and AUDNZD. The Default settings are 15 minute USDCAD and 5 minute AUDNZD. The good thing is that it will not blow your account if you set it up properly. The majority of traders use this EA like a regular EA. If you use AUDNZD, it will allow .01 lots for every $10,000 in account.

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