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Forex Trading Made Ez Review

I have recently used a great system named “Forex Trading Made EZ by George Smith”. I strongly suggest studying the original course FX Trading Made EZ before moving on to this system. In this post, I will describe on Forex Trading Made Ez, so it’s simple for you to follow. I am using this system on EURUSD and I don’t know how successful it would be on any other pair.


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There is a definite time you need to trade this tactic which is 2 hours after Frankfurt open in addition to New York open. As a result, it is 0900-1100 hrs GMT +2 plus 1500-1700 hrs GMT +2. Despite the fact that markets open at 9 am, I’m at my computer at 8:45 am and 5:45 pm for the New York session. I study the markets accurately and stand prepared when the markets open. Whenever you like I talk time it’ll always be GMT +2 as that’s my broker time thus it is for most.

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