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How Many Pips You Make Per Day

Amount of pips is very important for you in Forex trading. If you can make on average say 500 pips a day, it does mean your trading skills and the ability to pick good entries/exits. Then you can trade bigger lots with assurance and can simply make 20-30 pips a day constantly. But, monthly pips are more significant than weekly or yet daily.


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I just try to earn 20 pips a trading day with a 70% win ratio. From here on out, simply the lot size will adjust. Can I expect that I’ll be a multimillionaire with my money management spreadsheet soon so long as the broker I’m using can hold the liquidity? With this question popping up so frequently, it’s just about as if people are led to consider they should build up X thousand number of pips on a daily/weekly basis, which it shouldn’t be. If you trade .01 lots and win 100 pips a day, that’s not anything compared to 10 standard lots at 20 pips a day.

Actually, you should have a question to others if they have a strategy that wins 70+% of the time.