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Stan Grist is engaged to share his life’s adventures which consist of the pursuit of gold, raw diamonds, lost cities, buried treasure, ancient tunnels, sunken galleons, meteors, unexplained mysteries, unknown animals (cryptozoology), and so on. He has also collected many absolutely most favorite, out-of-prints as well as hard to find exploration and adventure books of the Americas. These books all include very important information for explorers, prospectors as well as treasure hunters. They will considerably contribute to your achievement too.


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It is not necessary for you to go to work everyday as well as could afford to travel anywhere in the world to find out gold, ancient treasure or a lost city, where would you wish for to go and what would you hunt for? If you are not yet familiar with Stan Grist, just type “Stan Grist” into any Internet search engine and get a close look at your results. You’ll observe that he has been around you for a long time.

We have a huge collection of hardback and soft back books from a lot of uploaded authors here and I pride myself in having a surplus of original works from authors who actually deserve to be in my collection

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