SimpleFastForex Trading System Free Download

SimpleFastForex is an easy to understand trading strategy and it uses the cross of two very important EMAs in day trading i.e. 34 and 50. Recently, I am using this good trading system in a demo account. Soon, I want to use it in my live account. At present, I am using the following rules to trade:


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1) I am using it in 5 min tf and 15 min tf. You can also take 15 min tf as the trend and then trade accordingly.

2) It is recommended to trade only after London open, but don’t trade just after London open since 90% those are false moves. Let the London open settle down and then trade for that reason. No trade after London closes but if you trade after London close then you should be positive about your choice.

3) It is recommended to avoid news trading and mostly false signals will come from news trading.

4) At present, I am trading multiple lots plus trading only EU. I can trade up to 10-30 lots in one go. My TP is 10-15 pips and SL is 15 pips. This is the way I am making money now a days and I am planning to employ this system in my live a/c in few days from now.