Shmen AutoTrendline Indicator Free Download

In this post, I want to share my Best Auto-Trend line indicator. This is the one of the most inclusive quality Auto-Trend line indicator I have found. You can find it as a great tool for trading breakouts and also the way I trade the jump. The most important thing about the indicator is 100% customizable except for the colors and allows you to place the touch recognition such as the space between swing points etc.


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Even you can change the colors of the lines, if you are well-known with code then adjust the indicator and search for “color”, you can then enter the colors you would like for the lines. This indicator is very profitable and it requires a least amount of 3 point touches to make a valid trend line though sometimes the 3 touches are not far enough away from each other.

I can confidently say that Trend line indicator is something like floating around and you have to give a subscription fee for it, don’t worry, just use this instead as its free of charge and works allot better.


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