Review on Wave59 Pro2

At first, you have to install Wave59 Pro2 and add a symbol in the data manger. Then you will double click on the symbol in data manger to prefer the time frame and data range. After clicking OK, it will automatically show you a message “The symbol must be added in the Data Manger previous to it can be plotted, would you like to go there at present?”

wave59 pro2-download

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You will see that the symbol is already there, and you will click yes and add it again, then double click on it as well as choosing the range and OK. Then you can see that message again and the chart keeps blank. If you try to close the chart, the software can be hanging. The only means you can use this PRO 2 properly is, you create any charts in a regular Wave59 2.9 or 3.6 RT as well as save all charts and then shift those saved-charts to PRO 2 save folder. It will work for eSignal.

Everybody needs to understand that, in the Wave59, forum, people are complaining concerning this PRO2 on a constant basis.

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