QuickFib Indicator Free Download

QuickFib is an interesting indicator that can automatically update fibo levels using lowest low and the highest high in the presently noticeable portion of your chart. It illustrates the high/low of a trend as well as pullback points. I am fond of this indicator as it is very user-friendly. It as well draws two trend lines:


1. Resistance line (from the highest high to the high that makes the trend-line with the highest slope, and the corresponding opposite).

2. Support line.

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As a result, you obtain Fibo retracement lines and all trend lines will be drawn automatically for you. It plots Fibonacci retracement levels on the MT4 charts and automatically calculates the 23.6%, 38.2%, 50.00% and 61.2% level for every currency move. This awesome indicator is highly recommended if you like to purchase dips in an uptrend or sell rallies in a downtrend. You can use it in conjunction with other trading tools to identify you entries.

Trading Signals:

BUY: In uptrend: You wait for the pair to fall back to the 38.2% level and look to buy.

SELL: In downtrend: You wait for the pair to rally back to the 38.2% level and look to sell.

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