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Profx 2.0 is a good trading system that can help you to maximize your profit. You can collect it for only $110 and the professional systems start at $990. It is not a repaint system and filter looks good. When the market is in a fixed rage, you should ignore the upcoming entry signals as long as the price is in the range. You will set indicator range as: 10:00 7:00 to 7:00 24:00. I am doubt too as the manual in the website was updated in 2010. It would be good to observe what is in the present one.


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I am going through their trades, trade by trade for each month. A good number evident I’ve ever seen.

1. Closed in profit where the market did not arrive at at the time stated.

2. The trade time shut is dated and the day before it was opened.

3. Entry into trades was 1 bar before the real signal, crystal ball.

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