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Pro Bot EA uses an easy principle – if the price reached certain acceleration, it does not stop right away and would get up get profit. It can be optimized for couples XAUUSD, EURDUSD, USDCHF as well as time frame m15. It can work with any pair of trend. The Indicator arrangement of a number of harmonic analyzes frames (number Num), multiples of the base period (Per), comparative to each other. If all periods are set in ascending or descending order which is classic for a strong relative price movements, the indicator gives warning beep (setting SoundTrend).


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As well indicator can be displayed in the upper left corner of the chances for BUY plus chances to SELL. Indicator usually displays under the price chart tick chart. In addition, the price chart displayed prices standard speed over the last 30 ticks set by parameter TickPer. If the speed is more than 2 (parameter Speed), the indicator provides a warning sound set by parameter SoundTrnd.

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