Modified MBFX Indicator Review

MBFX Indicator has been recently modified to improve its performance. I would like to share this modified version in this post. I am still using this modified version of MBFX indicator-really it’s incredible. I have got about 300 pips on Thursday and Friday on about 6 trades, with no losses and little draw down. But, you have to monitor the charts frequently and it can take a bit with many pairs. Even you cam further modify it in order to get good Alerts that would be truly appreciated. I’m using the following rules to watch out for a trade:


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1. When price is touching green line

2.  When timing is yellow

3. When center of gravity is pointing up


1. When price is touching red line

2. When timing is yellow

3. When center of gravity is pointing down

I’m using a lot of pairs such as GBPJPY, USDNOK, AUDUSD, etc.  You can use 4H time frame. However, I’m also using an EA to get screenshots on each new bar (in 1h) to examine how the center of gravity moves.

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