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Financial Astrology & Stock Market Astrology – A Guide to Stock Market Acceleration Points for Stocks and Futures Trading

This is an astrology trading book released back in 2011 April, based only on astrology and planet movements & within the guide had expected the 2012 industry perfectly such as the European fall (x2 date), China & Brazil Stock Market drop, and rise of Gold within 1 day in distinction the actual top/ base. The main concept of the guide can be found on why astro signs sometimes perform and sometimes not, so that one cans business only when it performs and prevents gambling the non-working ones:


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– To foreknow the long run time frame is a top or a base instead of only understanding certain upcoming time frame is an industry revenues date

– To understand why astro signs only performs on certain shares but not others i.e. describe the situation why the amazon stock brought up a lot, but my auction web sites stock promoting similar things but not increasing as much

– To foreknow exactly which astro signs which perform on my stock in particularly which period, when it begins and when it finishes, thus increasing your benefit in getting the benefit in specific time only.

– Illustrations cover ^DJI Dow Jackson Commercial Regular Catalog, ^HSI Hold Seng Catalog, ^SSEC ShangHai Blend Catalog, Currency trading European, Product Maize, Silver, ^BVSP South America Inventory Catalog, ^XU100 Istanbul Stock Index, Stock: Sprint Nextel, Yahoo!, and Starbucks.


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