IV-Jempol Forex Indicator Free Download

IV-Jempol Forex Indicator can be used effectively for detecting possible moments of price reversal. Its logic is based on all the rage of MetaTrader indicators but it can be adapted to any pair and time frame. The BUY or SELL signals never get repaint and you may begin with EurUsd, GbpUsd and other accepted pairs with M30 and H1 time frames. May be, this universal indicator can not provide absolute accurate result at all the times but you can add some extra indicators to your chart.


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This indicator will filter out most of the false signals that exist as a result you can make the most of profit and keep away from the premature exit. You can choose either default settings or you can do experiments to discover the best settings for your own trading system. It can be best used in the GBPUSD pair and TF H1.

It is a very simple indicator to use. The signals will not go away after the candle closed. To maximize your profit, please follow the strategies and money management respectively according t the vendor’s guidelines.


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