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I am using Ilan 1.6Dynamik in a 5-digit Broker Forex with Cent-NDD Account. I have deposited 5000cents (50$), Leverage 1:500. I would like to use TF M5 on M15/M30. You can change time frame from M5 to M15 TF, when you notice that sudden turn’s close problem is still occurring. I hope by raising the TF, you can overcome this problem. Anyone new can experience this problem so you must be aware of this problem. You are lucky if you are already still earning and the minus is still smaller than the profit. If on the opposing, capital can be tough slowly but definitely.


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The best pair for Ilan 1.6 is GBPUSD and lot=0.01. When you see the counselor is open sales and CCI with a period of 55 to fifteen minutes chart above Drop (default 500) as well as you see open purchase and CCI with a period of 55 to fifteen minutes chart below-Drop (default 500), then you should close up all positions on the current pair, and make a log message “Closed All due to Time Out”.

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