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BBQ EA is suitable for EURUSD M5 inspired by 4indicators. The new version 1.0.3 has come in the market. This provides me a 5/7 years nice curve and results with 90% quality and I’ll test it on tick data. This looks very interesting. Since we are all (or at least) most of us in the same boat, and the use of this post is to assist other fellow traders, it would be nice to have your input inters of sharing how you have achieved such a wonderful equity curve. We shall all be grateful. And sometimes we have to ignore petty arguments and move on.

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The second back test looks a lot like my current back test of Squared, which also uses four indicators. Any similarities, or is this considered new from the ground up? I’m receiving unmatched data error message in back test (volume limit exceeded). This is considered new from the ground up-unmatched data error means missing history data also weekend broker spread could be much too high for a back test, if you disconnected MT4 on Friday.

Please make sure the spread from symbol and EA Broker spread was the problem. Default is 2, so I increased it to 4 and was able to obtain reliable back tests. I’ll test again, once the market opens, to get advantage of the lower spread. Rob my first feeling is that this is a sound scalping strategy with good entry signals. Presentation might benefit from some close filters to avoid the full SL getting hit systematically. Stay up the great work!

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