Forex Robot Auto-Profit 3.0 Free Download

The forex market is continuously changing so you have to choose such an EA that can adjust the market movement. Forex Auto-Profit 3.0 uses multi strategies with lot compounding. I am really interesting to trade with this EA. I expect this stuff is an excellent one to collect the profits.

Most robots are not reliable as they just do not work for long. Most robots are fixed and they cannot trade successfully well in an ever changing market like forex. But, you can depend on Forex Auto-Profit 3.0 to face this situation.


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Here, I am showing you Buy and Sell Strategy using variable Tp Setting:

1. When EA begin, if EA open SELL at the similar time open BUY.

2. Need to wait until some pips differences from SELL or BUY, which one attains profit first, CLOSE the position.

3. After Close, EA includes one open position BUY & SELL at the similar time.

4. If on the 1st time, SELL reach get profit. When 1st the SELL orders CLOSE the position, 2nd time again SELL reach TP CLOSE the position, etc.