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Free Download Wall Breaker EA

Wall Breaker EA can trade breakouts while taking present support and resistance level into account. The EA is aimed to profit from smaller price movements rather than long term trends. You can expect about 200 trades per year. The recommended currency pairs are EUR/USD, and GBP/USD. It is best to use H1 chart and all sessions are permitted to trade. It can be operated in an automated, semi-manual as well as manual mode.


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It gives a difficult money management with three dissimilar settings. First option permits to set a fixed risk per trade as a proportion of the account balance. On the other hand, second option allows setting a fixed amount plus an amount of the accumulated profits while option three allows setting a fixed lot size. Every option allows independently settings for long and short positions. You will get 15-pages manual that explains in detail the installation and set up of Wall breaker EA, the input parameters as well as their impact.

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Review on Donchian Channel with Fibbed Levels and Alerts

Brooky-Indicators have developed the Donchian Channel with Fibbed Levels and Alerts. I would like to enhance this innovative concept of the Donchian Channel to take in the capability to place extra Levels internal or external of the calculated range. As a result, it would be great indicator that can run after any moving average cross strategy or such like so that you have present Levels to aspire toward or put stops at.


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Additionally, I want to adjust it to shrink or enlarge the range of the similar period. If for the similar period it is put for 96 bars, and if you choice the indicator to calculate at a reduction of 62%, you will be accessible with a strongly ranged set of breakthrough support and resistance lines. You will find other options there to show range based on close not high low and this reveals another attractive set of levels.

This type of indicator works really well for swing trading to observe lower highs/higher lows etc. Thank You to visit our site!


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How Many Pips You Make Per Day

Amount of pips is very important for you in Forex trading. If you can make on average say 500 pips a day, it does mean your trading skills and the ability to pick good entries/exits. Then you can trade bigger lots with assurance and can simply make 20-30 pips a day constantly. But, monthly pips are more significant than weekly or yet daily.


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I just try to earn 20 pips a trading day with a 70% win ratio. From here on out, simply the lot size will adjust. Can I expect that I’ll be a multimillionaire with my money management spreadsheet soon so long as the broker I’m using can hold the liquidity? With this question popping up so frequently, it’s just about as if people are led to consider they should build up X thousand number of pips on a daily/weekly basis, which it shouldn’t be. If you trade .01 lots and win 100 pips a day, that’s not anything compared to 10 standard lots at 20 pips a day.

Actually, you should have a question to others if they have a strategy that wins 70+% of the time.

HWSteele Simple Astro Forecasting Methods Review

In this post, I am going to introduce a simple Astro Forecasting Method named Astrolog 5.40. It is a 100% freeware astrology program that can work with any versions for Windows, DOS, the Macintosh, and UNIX, as well as the complete source code is obtainable too. I have been using this astrology software for many years. It does the whole thing for me so I have never seen a cause to buy other software. You can use some free charts as well if you don’t have some you have used already. The advanced chart button will get you to charts you can change the date range to what ever you wish for, which is supportive to do forecasting study.


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You can save the information about this software that I showed in this post. I will be showing you many things like setting colors and other setting in the ext post soon. You have to reset it every time you use this software. I am using it for New York City. As well as, you have to know where you will add the coordinates if you want to use other cities instead of New York.

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Forex Robot Auto-Profit 3.0 Free Download

The forex market is continuously changing so you have to choose such an EA that can adjust the market movement. Forex Auto-Profit 3.0 uses multi strategies with lot compounding. I am really interesting to trade with this EA. I expect this stuff is an excellent one to collect the profits.

Most robots are not reliable as they just do not work for long. Most robots are fixed and they cannot trade successfully well in an ever changing market like forex. But, you can depend on Forex Auto-Profit 3.0 to face this situation.


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Here, I am showing you Buy and Sell Strategy using variable Tp Setting:

1. When EA begin, if EA open SELL at the similar time open BUY.

2. Need to wait until some pips differences from SELL or BUY, which one attains profit first, CLOSE the position.

3. After Close, EA includes one open position BUY & SELL at the similar time.

4. If on the 1st time, SELL reach get profit. When 1st the SELL orders CLOSE the position, 2nd time again SELL reach TP CLOSE the position, etc.


Stan Grist eBooks Free Download

Stan Grist is engaged to share his life’s adventures which consist of the pursuit of gold, raw diamonds, lost cities, buried treasure, ancient tunnels, sunken galleons, meteors, unexplained mysteries, unknown animals (cryptozoology), and so on. He has also collected many absolutely most favorite, out-of-prints as well as hard to find exploration and adventure books of the Americas. These books all include very important information for explorers, prospectors as well as treasure hunters. They will considerably contribute to your achievement too.


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It is not necessary for you to go to work everyday as well as could afford to travel anywhere in the world to find out gold, ancient treasure or a lost city, where would you wish for to go and what would you hunt for? If you are not yet familiar with Stan Grist, just type “Stan Grist” into any Internet search engine and get a close look at your results. You’ll observe that he has been around you for a long time.

We have a huge collection of hardback and soft back books from a lot of uploaded authors here and I pride myself in having a surplus of original works from authors who actually deserve to be in my collection

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Brian Shannon eBooks Free Download

Brian Shannon – Technical Analysis Using Multiple Timeframes


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Brian Shannon is a famous trader with many years of experience who is the author of the book” Technical Analysis Using Multiple Timeframes”. In this book, he explains almost certainly more obviously than in any other book I’ve studied, why technical analysis works, and how to do use it to build up understanding and approaching into markets, as well as eventually an edge in trading. In my opinion, this book is not only a canned system that you basically study and use, although the objects covered has a partiality towards trend following systems plus the material visibly will assist in building a trend subsequent system of your own if that’s your aim.

The book includes 184 pages and the print is simple to read and well spaced. I purchased this book through a third party seller who gave superb service and packed the book very well using numerous bubble wrap packages.

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Trading with Wave59 Review

Wave59 is a Natural Law Trading Community designed for traders where you can get a variety of innovative products, resources as well as educational materials are essential in helping serious traders understands reliable success in the markets. This great community was founded in 1997 by Earik Beann, a former CTA, Wave59 Technologies Inc. is based in Boulder, Colorado USA and is the developer of the Wave59 PRO2 Advanced Trading Platform.


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This community centered on four core principles:

How to generate goodwill – do well for others in the community

To share your stuff – offer your thoughts, insights as well as discoveries

To be open – look at what shows up

Performance issues

As a participant of this community, you can get the chance to read the review of Wave59 in Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities Magazine. As well as, you can collect wave59 training videos which can be great help and can participate to the wave59 forum to improve your skill.

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Curtis Faith eBooks Free Download

Curtis Faith ““ Trading From Your Gut


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This great book is suitable for all of those who wonder if the powers of right brain philosophy could affect to the trends-and-charts world of stock and options trading, Curtis Faith gives their answer. By reading this book, you’ll gain knowledge of when not to trust your gut”“and how to balance your intuition with systematic analysis.

The part of this book about how to guide your brain to assist you become an instinctive trader will blow you away and give some improbable ideas that will appreciably help traders learn to trade better. I think that kind of idea-generating motivation is what makes trading from your raze a grand trading book. As a result, you can use your feeling to trade patterns that computer technology can’t be familiar with.

As well as, you will learn how to provide a solid intellectual framework for your trades and what successful traders have discovered about the market’s construction and laws.

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