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Time To Buy or Sell Indicator Free Download

Time to buy or sell indicator looks great and possibly it will not repaint. May be you are capable to do back testing and will show the indicator to be great. But, when you use it in real time it appears different. And I have also got tried dealing some indicators whereby people say they don’t repaint.  One of the authors wrote that the indicator does not redraw is absolutely nonsense, it is redrawn you’ll observe it next Monday. Unluckily I have to state that this indicator repaints badly. It might look like a “holy grail” when you load it in chart but if you refresh your chart after 5 hours things would come into view totally different.  I have tested this relatively earlier that’s why I didn’t make a post.

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I am writing this post because I don’t want you to waste your time for testing repainting indicators. Repainting is not a good thing but a matter of anxiety.

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MarketScalper Pro V8 Free Download

MarketScalper Pro V8 is very profitable Forex trading system which works best for GBPUSD currency pair and M1 time frame. Recently, a new Manual mode has been added with it which has huge adaptability across all markets, resulting in improved accuracy. As well as, this new software offers native support for non-time frame charts such as Renko, Range, Kase, Momentum, etc. MarketScalper Pro V8 as well consists of a new graphical user interface (GUI) that adjoins a firm background to indicator dashboard to avoid overlaying of chart elements.

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It is institutional-grade software and convenient scalping criteria usually used by expert traders as well as finance managers. This software successfully identifies high-probability switching factors, shifts, plus retracements. It includes four ways for all levels of risk appetite: Great opportunity, aggressive, strong, and manual. This manual system permits MarketScalper to effortlessly alter any scalping plan or price actions (market, period of time, graph category). It includes four kinds of indication alerts that are visible (arrow), pop-up, sound, and email.

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My Best EA Free Download

In this post, I am interested to share my best Expert Advisor and indicator which I am using on my live accounts. So, this post might be very useful for newbie and all traders too. It has been a long time that I am using a manual indicator. This is more common indicator but I have grouped it with some other indicators to increase its performance.


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Krish manual forex is working very fine for me. For running it with moderate risk, you have to place .01 lots per $2,500. This will not give you chance to get rich, but you will earn money. The recommended pairs are USDCAD and AUDNZD. The Default settings are 15 minute USDCAD and 5 minute AUDNZD. The good thing is that it will not blow your account if you set it up properly. The majority of traders use this EA like a regular EA. If you use AUDNZD, it will allow .01 lots for every $10,000 in account.

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Agnew Trade Turning System Review

I am writing this post on “Agnew Trade Turning System”. This is not the trade the turn system, but my own version. I would like you all to give my system and will tell how to use it. It is very easy to follow this trading style.

Trading Rules:

1) You will always get the trade in the 1 hour direction.

2) You will make sure there is sufficient momentum, so if the 1 hour is up then you need to make sure the bulls are at approximately 0.0025 for buying.


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3) Then, you will wait for the 5 min to go outside the bottom bands region then look for an up arrow. This would be your extensive signal in the 1 hour up trend similar for selling also but reverse. It will be looking at the stand to be below 0.0025 and 1 hour down then looking for 5 min to break upper bands.

You will a look at this 1 hour chart and try to get your head around what I am trying to speak about this, the bears should be lower than -0.0025 for a sell and for buying bulls above 0.0025.

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Alladin 5 Forex EA Free Download

In this post, I would like to share Alladin 5 Forex EA. I have tested on EURUSD and 15M, but it can work with other pair. This is a new scalper EA based on WSFR EA from Russian developer. This EA works very well on EURUSD, and GBPUSD. The recommended time frame is M15 and recommended broker is Alpari. Your individual license will cover one demo account plus one “live” account. This account will never expire and there are no “monthly fees” or any other related charges for use.


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You will need to run this software on MetaTrader 4.0 platform. I have used it on demo account and my back test was very well. You will remember that the default stop lose on this EA without using the setup file provided is 32 pips and Wall Street default stop lose is 120 pips. It is an amazing WallStreet Forex copycat with some alterations, such as a volume filter with a martingale risk management.

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Forex Trading Made Ez Review

I have recently used a great system named “Forex Trading Made EZ by George Smith”. I strongly suggest studying the original course FX Trading Made EZ before moving on to this system. In this post, I will describe on Forex Trading Made Ez, so it’s simple for you to follow. I am using this system on EURUSD and I don’t know how successful it would be on any other pair.


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There is a definite time you need to trade this tactic which is 2 hours after Frankfurt open in addition to New York open. As a result, it is 0900-1100 hrs GMT +2 plus 1500-1700 hrs GMT +2. Despite the fact that markets open at 9 am, I’m at my computer at 8:45 am and 5:45 pm for the New York session. I study the markets accurately and stand prepared when the markets open. Whenever you like I talk time it’ll always be GMT +2 as that’s my broker time thus it is for most.

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Clear FX Signal Indicator Free Download

It is very easy to use the Clear FX Signals indicator. This great indicator can reveal accurate entry points by showing UP Arrows for Buy Long entries plus DOWN Arrows for Sell Short entries. You will find arrows become visible on the open of the bar so that each trade/position was entered as soon as the bar opened and the moment the arrow appears. You can trade any currency pair in multiple time frames and 24 hours a day with up to 84.68% winning rate. It can be used for scalp, Day trade, or Swing Trade with any Forex pair and any time.


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The popular trading pairs are EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCHF, USDJPY, and EURJPY on a 1Hour (60 minute) time frame. Clear FX Signals can work on more than one currency pair at a time using dissimilar settings for every pair to obtain the most favorable result from each one. It also can assist to make an even more unbelievable equity curve and far more profit than trading one Forex pair at a time.

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KangarooEA v7.3 Free Download

KangarooEA v7.3 is one of the best EAs today that is designed to only get high probability. It trades particularly when markets are moving sideways, it might not trade frequently. If market is not showing any understandable direction, this EA will not enter trades. You will get complete support to protect your capital than to get an opportunity and hit a stop loss. If you review a back test result, you’ll observe that there are times of lots of trading activity and times when Kangaroo scans market for accurate setups.


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So, KangarooEA will monitor the market over night and day waiting for the precise favorable conditions to put an order, so you have to be patient with KangarooEA and do not look forward to a high frequency trader. As a rule of thumb, it gives 2-4 series of trades each week if you run both pairs. This robot needs to operate on the “˜MetaTrader4′ (MT4) trading platform. It is a free trading platform and is obtainable from a broad collection of Forex Brokers.

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SimpleFastForex Trading System Free Download

SimpleFastForex is an easy to understand trading strategy and it uses the cross of two very important EMAs in day trading i.e. 34 and 50. Recently, I am using this good trading system in a demo account. Soon, I want to use it in my live account. At present, I am using the following rules to trade:


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1) I am using it in 5 min tf and 15 min tf. You can also take 15 min tf as the trend and then trade accordingly.

2) It is recommended to trade only after London open, but don’t trade just after London open since 90% those are false moves. Let the London open settle down and then trade for that reason. No trade after London closes but if you trade after London close then you should be positive about your choice.

3) It is recommended to avoid news trading and mostly false signals will come from news trading.

4) At present, I am trading multiple lots plus trading only EU. I can trade up to 10-30 lots in one go. My TP is 10-15 pips and SL is 15 pips. This is the way I am making money now a days and I am planning to employ this system in my live a/c in few days from now.

Dynamic Scalper Pro EA Free Download

I have come across an automatic Forex robot called Dynamic Pro Scalper. It is high-quality and fully automated trading tool. I have run it on some back test and it looks good. I would like to back test on 99% tick data, and I will share my result.  The supported currency pairs recommended by the vendor are: GBPUSD, USDJPY, GBPCHF, EURGBP, EURCAD, EURCHF, USDCAD, and USDCHF.


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Top Features of Dynamic Pro Scalper:

It can work on 9 major currency pairs.

This EA is well-suited with all kind of MT4 brokers – ECN, NDD and STP.

It provides high slippage defense.

It also provides high spread security.

It provides dynamic volatility for entry and exit levels.

High recovery factor (RF=net profit/max. drawdown) will be greater than 20.

It provides extremely low drawdown.

It provides automatic GMT offset detection.

You are most welcome in our blogs and feel free to leave your valuable comments on Dynamic Scalper Pro EA.  If you are using this new Forex robot, please share your experience with us. Thanks to visit our site!