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HWSteele Simple Astro Forecasting Methods Review

In this post, I am going to introduce a simple Astro Forecasting Method named Astrolog 5.40. It is a 100% freeware astrology program that can work with any versions for Windows, DOS, the Macintosh, and UNIX, as well as the complete source code is obtainable too. I have been using this astrology software for many years. It does the whole thing for me so I have never seen a cause to buy other software. You can use some free charts as well if you don’t have some you have used already. The advanced chart button will get you to charts you can change the date range to what ever you wish for, which is supportive to do forecasting study.


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You can save the information about this software that I showed in this post. I will be showing you many things like setting colors and other setting in the ext post soon. You have to reset it every time you use this software. I am using it for New York City. As well as, you have to know where you will add the coordinates if you want to use other cities instead of New York.

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Super Profitable EA Review

I am recently using a simple but super profitable system. I use different indicators for different purposes. I use Zup 71 indicator for automatic Fibonacci Calculations. Sometimes, I use All Stochastic to set at 6, 3, and 3 with 4hr, 30mins and 15mins. It helps me to identify when to open buy and sell grid trades with 10 pips get profit and when to go only one way and target bigger get profits.


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For Auto supply and demand bounce levels, I like II SupDem tat must be set at forced time frame of 60mins. At what time the 4hrs stochastic or all the stochastic on all 3 timeframes i.e. 15mins 30mins and 4hrs, all the points towards a sell have now dropped from 100 to 90 to 80 to 70. Multi time frame fractal indicators are effective to help with drawing 4 hour trend lines.

At what time price is minimum 127% to 161.8% (or above) fib extension of the current up move and stochastic is at overbought and beginning to turn/point downwards on the 4hrs timeframe.


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Forex Robot Auto-Profit 3.0 Free Download

The forex market is continuously changing so you have to choose such an EA that can adjust the market movement. Forex Auto-Profit 3.0 uses multi strategies with lot compounding. I am really interesting to trade with this EA. I expect this stuff is an excellent one to collect the profits.

Most robots are not reliable as they just do not work for long. Most robots are fixed and they cannot trade successfully well in an ever changing market like forex. But, you can depend on Forex Auto-Profit 3.0 to face this situation.


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Here, I am showing you Buy and Sell Strategy using variable Tp Setting:

1. When EA begin, if EA open SELL at the similar time open BUY.

2. Need to wait until some pips differences from SELL or BUY, which one attains profit first, CLOSE the position.

3. After Close, EA includes one open position BUY & SELL at the similar time.

4. If on the 1st time, SELL reach get profit. When 1st the SELL orders CLOSE the position, 2nd time again SELL reach TP CLOSE the position, etc.


Best News Straddle EA Review

I am going to write this post reviewing the best news straddle Expert Advisor. THG Straddle Trader Diamond is one of the best news straddle EAs that is particularly designed to provide you an unfair advantage to get 15 to 100 pips per trade, in spite of of market direction. It is very easy to use this trading EA. It is also suitable for beginners and effective enough for even the most challenging expert trader. Even if you are going to place a Forex trade in your life, you can make a huge income with THG Straddle Trader Diamond.


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It is the single Forex news trading software in the market today that has been perfected by years of development as well as fine-tuning for maximum performance and loss prevention. You can employ Forex news trading to a whole new level – automatically place pending orders above and below to confine spikes practically right away after a news release.

If you are interested in making money along with Forex news trading expert advisor, then you can subscribe to our software and transform your trading wholly.

WD GANN Astrological Trading Review

Most of the traders feel confusion when it comes to Trading with astro analysis since there will have a lot of lines all over the chart that essentially come into view randomly drawn. But, it can be fairly revealing if you know what you are looking for as well as if you can perform a closer examination of those lines. Planets show a nature just like a human does and every planet vibrates a special planetary influence depending on their intrinsic natural nature, cycle frequency as well as general disposition.


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You can be successful at Astrological Trading if you can get a better understanding of the nature of each planet. Once you know the nature of each planet then you will further know the significance of the aspects they make with each other and you will have a better approval of the cause for sudden dramatic move in market prices, erratic weather performance or even natural disasters.

WD Gann was a great person in Astrological Trading who understood the natures and disposition of these planets. He was devoted whole life to learning about planetary aspects and the nature of the vibration they make when in close immediacy to each other.

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Forex Pips Finder Free Download

I have read an article on Forex Pips Finder. I came to know that Forex Pips Finder is very profitable as well as consistent system. It can easily produce 300-500 pips a month. I purchased a copy of the Forex Pip Finder EA about three moths ago. I sought after checking it out and see if it was beneficial to me. I became awake right away that it wasn’t what I required to pursue so I asked for a money back the next day. But I did not get refund yet. In my opinion, Forex Pips Finder is a big scam!


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You should decide on indicators suggested by reliable traders or individual, because most of the indicators do not give profit. Even some indicators can lead you to a big lose. I can assure you trading with Forex Pips Finder can not be profitable. If you would like to make profits in the long run, you can choose any manual forex trading as well.

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Forex Super Signal 30 Free Download

Forex Super Signal 30 is an extremely profitable system that lets you make thousands of dollars each day. It can be used both by professionals as well as beginners alike with no experience at all. You can work from any place in the globe. It is not necessary to buy forex signal again once you master the signal from forex signal 30. You can produce 3-10 signals every day on the 1 H charts easily. Forex Trading Signals are reliable as well as consistent. It can be easily and rapidly understood by the average independent trader and newbie. This signal can work on all pairs and time frames.


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If you are searching a step-by-step Forex Signals that guarantees you more than your fair share of winning trades every single time you knock the Forex Markets, you can confidently select Forex Super Signal 30. This great system has been already used by thousands of traders from around the world.

But I suggest you to check maximum of 3 pairs in the start then add more as you become more convinced in the system.

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Forex Basket Trading Strategy Review

Personally, I am a Basket trader and I am trading from 2 pairs to 14 pairs. In my trading, I have seen that if the EURUSD goes up then there are a minimum 14+ other pairs that leave up. As a result, if you notice that EURUSD goes up then you can do GPBUSD, AUDUSD, NZDUSD, EURJPY, AUDJPY, GBPJPY and NZDJPY, and so on. For major trades, if you get a Basket trade on 1 pair (EURUSD) then you can finally obtain a trade on 14 pairs, 10 pips TP on a 14 Basket can outcome in 140+ profits.


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On the other hand, if you have an indicator that gives you the “sum of” the pairs that you desire to trade that can be much better. Additionally, you should know that the “Offline Basket” does not provide you as much noise. In the above image, you can see an “Offline” chart indicator that has been around for a while that you can ‘Input” your own Currencies as well as provide you the “sum of” those similar currencies.

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The Free Momods Night Scalper Clean-Up Review

I think most of you have come to like the free version of Momods Night Scalper as much as I like. I would like to offer you performing a few clean-ups as well as changes to the last free v3.02, since I already did in correcting the risk mgt. with lot sizing error. I am using a trade logic that is already fairly good as well as enough trade filters or signals are obtainable to play around with. I as well won’t take in every gimmick I have implemented in my own unique Night scalper, to gradually turn Momods version into mine.


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The most important thing is that the main improvements in trading at this step will possibly come from improved settings. There are number of actions you should be willing to perform on the code:

1. Enhanced auto magic number creation. The current logic is not actually randomizing the magic’s, as well as a PITA for little 5-digit account numbers.

2. Something comparable can be done for the trade remark, to create it harder for the brokers to spot the EA.

3. Perform a code clean-up, as the current code is fairly confused in places and actually hard to potentially adapt for future logic improvements.

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Stan Grist eBooks Free Download

Stan Grist is engaged to share his life’s adventures which consist of the pursuit of gold, raw diamonds, lost cities, buried treasure, ancient tunnels, sunken galleons, meteors, unexplained mysteries, unknown animals (cryptozoology), and so on. He has also collected many absolutely most favorite, out-of-prints as well as hard to find exploration and adventure books of the Americas. These books all include very important information for explorers, prospectors as well as treasure hunters. They will considerably contribute to your achievement too.


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It is not necessary for you to go to work everyday as well as could afford to travel anywhere in the world to find out gold, ancient treasure or a lost city, where would you wish for to go and what would you hunt for? If you are not yet familiar with Stan Grist, just type “Stan Grist” into any Internet search engine and get a close look at your results. You’ll observe that he has been around you for a long time.

We have a huge collection of hardback and soft back books from a lot of uploaded authors here and I pride myself in having a surplus of original works from authors who actually deserve to be in my collection

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