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Time To Buy or Sell Indicator Free Download

Time to buy or sell indicator looks great and possibly it will not repaint. May be you are capable to do back testing and will show the indicator to be great. But, when you use it in real time it appears different. And I have also got tried dealing some indicators whereby people say they don’t repaint.  One of the authors wrote that the indicator does not redraw is absolutely nonsense, it is redrawn you’ll observe it next Monday. Unluckily I have to state that this indicator repaints badly. It might look like a “holy grail” when you load it in chart but if you refresh your chart after 5 hours things would come into view totally different.  I have tested this relatively earlier that’s why I didn’t make a post.

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I am writing this post because I don’t want you to waste your time for testing repainting indicators. Repainting is not a good thing but a matter of anxiety.

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MarketScalper Pro V8 Free Download

MarketScalper Pro V8 is very profitable Forex trading system which works best for GBPUSD currency pair and M1 time frame. Recently, a new Manual mode has been added with it which has huge adaptability across all markets, resulting in improved accuracy. As well as, this new software offers native support for non-time frame charts such as Renko, Range, Kase, Momentum, etc. MarketScalper Pro V8 as well consists of a new graphical user interface (GUI) that adjoins a firm background to indicator dashboard to avoid overlaying of chart elements.

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It is institutional-grade software and convenient scalping criteria usually used by expert traders as well as finance managers. This software successfully identifies high-probability switching factors, shifts, plus retracements. It includes four ways for all levels of risk appetite: Great opportunity, aggressive, strong, and manual. This manual system permits MarketScalper to effortlessly alter any scalping plan or price actions (market, period of time, graph category). It includes four kinds of indication alerts that are visible (arrow), pop-up, sound, and email.

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My Best EA Free Download

In this post, I am interested to share my best Expert Advisor and indicator which I am using on my live accounts. So, this post might be very useful for newbie and all traders too. It has been a long time that I am using a manual indicator. This is more common indicator but I have grouped it with some other indicators to increase its performance.


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Krish manual forex is working very fine for me. For running it with moderate risk, you have to place .01 lots per $2,500. This will not give you chance to get rich, but you will earn money. The recommended pairs are USDCAD and AUDNZD. The Default settings are 15 minute USDCAD and 5 minute AUDNZD. The good thing is that it will not blow your account if you set it up properly. The majority of traders use this EA like a regular EA. If you use AUDNZD, it will allow .01 lots for every $10,000 in account.

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Agnew Trade Turning System Review

I am writing this post on “Agnew Trade Turning System”. This is not the trade the turn system, but my own version. I would like you all to give my system and will tell how to use it. It is very easy to follow this trading style.

Trading Rules:

1) You will always get the trade in the 1 hour direction.

2) You will make sure there is sufficient momentum, so if the 1 hour is up then you need to make sure the bulls are at approximately 0.0025 for buying.


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3) Then, you will wait for the 5 min to go outside the bottom bands region then look for an up arrow. This would be your extensive signal in the 1 hour up trend similar for selling also but reverse. It will be looking at the stand to be below 0.0025 and 1 hour down then looking for 5 min to break upper bands.

You will a look at this 1 hour chart and try to get your head around what I am trying to speak about this, the bears should be lower than -0.0025 for a sell and for buying bulls above 0.0025.

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Straddle Pro Expert Advisor Free Download

Straddle Pro Expert Advisor is a good EA that would not be a good choice to use for News Trading. You will permit the EA to run the trade with an effective trailing stop that trails in relation to your input parameters. You can also place a virtual trail for 5 pips. It is an interior trailing technique that doesn’t print to the chart screen. This is one of the best ways of this EA to remain your broker at bark. You have a percentage you can split this track into. If you go away it at 50% it will get half a lot out and leave half a lot.


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There is another way you can trade with this EA. You can perform this by the quantity desire to make on every trade either by pip earned or dollar earned or employ your eyes to measure when prices are about to turn or carry on. I myself use dollar amount since exiting by pips earned indicate dissimilar dollar totals in relation to the currency pair you are trading.

You are most welcome in our blogs and feel free to leave your valuable comments and suggestions.

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Review on Donchian Channel with Fibbed Levels and Alerts

Brooky-Indicators have developed the Donchian Channel with Fibbed Levels and Alerts. I would like to enhance this innovative concept of the Donchian Channel to take in the capability to place extra Levels internal or external of the calculated range. As a result, it would be great indicator that can run after any moving average cross strategy or such like so that you have present Levels to aspire toward or put stops at.


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Additionally, I want to adjust it to shrink or enlarge the range of the similar period. If for the similar period it is put for 96 bars, and if you choice the indicator to calculate at a reduction of 62%, you will be accessible with a strongly ranged set of breakthrough support and resistance lines. You will find other options there to show range based on close not high low and this reveals another attractive set of levels.

This type of indicator works really well for swing trading to observe lower highs/higher lows etc. Thank You to visit our site!


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How Many Pips You Make Per Day

Amount of pips is very important for you in Forex trading. If you can make on average say 500 pips a day, it does mean your trading skills and the ability to pick good entries/exits. Then you can trade bigger lots with assurance and can simply make 20-30 pips a day constantly. But, monthly pips are more significant than weekly or yet daily.


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I just try to earn 20 pips a trading day with a 70% win ratio. From here on out, simply the lot size will adjust. Can I expect that I’ll be a multimillionaire with my money management spreadsheet soon so long as the broker I’m using can hold the liquidity? With this question popping up so frequently, it’s just about as if people are led to consider they should build up X thousand number of pips on a daily/weekly basis, which it shouldn’t be. If you trade .01 lots and win 100 pips a day, that’s not anything compared to 10 standard lots at 20 pips a day.

Actually, you should have a question to others if they have a strategy that wins 70+% of the time.

CMT Books Complete Review

If you want to pass Chartered Market Technicians (CMT) exams, you should be prepared properly. A significant effort is required for all candidates wishing to effectively complete the 3 exam levels. The MTA authorization board has suggested the following minimum study hours for CMT exams, based on having a common college education as well as work knowledge in the financial markets.

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CMT Exam Level 1 – 100 hours

CMT Exam Level 2 – 140 hours

CMT Exam Level 3 – 160 hours

CMT EXAM Level 1

The CMT 1 candidate is accountable for the stuff on a definition level. The candidate must know the terms used in these readings, be capable to explain the concepts discussed in these readings, and be capable to examine trends.

Exam time length: 2 hours


CMT EXAM Level 2

The CMT 2 candidate is accountable for the theory plus a few basic applications of concepts and techniques covered by the assigned readings.

Exam time length: 4 hours


CMT EXAM Level 3

The CMT 3 candidate is likely to show his/her proficiency in the incorporation of the various indicators and concepts associated with technical analysis.

Exam time length: 4 hours

Exam format: ESSAY


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ATR Trailing Stop EA Review

ATR Trailing Stop is the best Expert Advisor I have been using ever. You can give the ticket number to manage your single position as well as all the position on the chart. I usually trade with GBPUSD, EURUSD, and USDCAD. You can also use this EA for more pairs too. You have to attach the indicator as well as EA to the preferred pair. If you attach a pair such as EURUSD, all EURUSD position will be trailed.


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A trailing stop is a stop loss that follows the market orderly by a predetermined distance like 20 pips. As soon as the price reverses as well as retraces back by 20+ pips, your trailing stop will be triggered plus your order will be stopped up. It allows you to make safe your profits as the trade goes further in a positive way.

If you would like it to use it on ALL trades then it is very easy, otherwise you can code the EA to need an order number. However you have to manage multiple charts if you have multiple trades.

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Ultimate Forex Income Review

Ultimate Forex Income is an extremely profitable system and giving proven results. This system is easy to use and no experience is required to operate this system. It works very fast and you can start immediately. It is completely safe system which includes advanced money management. It can work with any currency pair and any time frame but the best time frames are 1H and 30M. As well as, it does not need a subscription to a Forex signal service.



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This system includes the trend following strategy, trading support as well as resistance levels. This system permits you to take pleasure in on average 1 to 3 winning trades per day. It has come with an easy to follow manual that includes templates, proprietary indicators as well as an installer. It boasts a 90.1% winning rate but a small 4.5-8.1% draw down. If you want to make money through a simple process is going to be boring to you, this chance is not for you.

You are most welcome in our blogs and feel free to leave your valuable comments and suggestions.