3000 pips weekly Trading system Review

3000 pips weekly trading system is really awesome I have already tried to win a basket system and easily made 200 pips a day. This program is depending on dominant currency trading, find follower pacemaker and then combine into one family. Performance depending on cost activity and self-fulfilling Prediction. (SNR) can be used for a single couple, double couple or multiple couples. This is appropriate for scalping, short term only. This is ideal for beginner who is experienced with price action. If not efficient, you must research and exercise past cost activity before trying.


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The appropriate couples are:


Usd/chf ….Usd/Cad




You should research the recommendations until you are acquainted. Newbie is still studying. An apology is for being lacking. This technique is an extension from technique 1000 pips per week. If you have not completed studying through that, do not research this. This is not appropriate for beginners. If new to this suggest mastering 1000 pips a week before using this.

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