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Chris Capre Price Action Pivot Points PDF Free Download

Chris Capre Price Action Pivot Points PDF

Chris Capre is the writer of book “Trading Price Action and Pivot Points”. In 2006, he was engaged for the JNF Hedge Fund where he was the single trader for the finance not trained on the inside. By reading this book, you can learn how to read price action, understand the formations and patterns, and identify the key setups. As well as, you can gain knowledge of to effectively trade any market on any time frame. The forex markets do not contain direct entrance to order flow.


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However, there is constantly admission to its closest comparative – price action. Once you are capable to study the direct product of order flow you will be able to see Buying and selling pressure, where the institutional market is entering and exiting, when there is an disparity in the market, as well as what way to trade. In this book, he offers his exclusive combination of Institutional and sells market experience helping traders like you become profitable.

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Ilan 1.6 Free Download

I am using Ilan 1.6Dynamik in a 5-digit Broker Forex with Cent-NDD Account. I have deposited 5000cents (50$), Leverage 1:500. I would like to use TF M5 on M15/M30. You can change time frame from M5 to M15 TF, when you notice that sudden turn’s close problem is still occurring. I hope by raising the TF, you can overcome this problem. Anyone new can experience this problem so you must be aware of this problem. You are lucky if you are already still earning and the minus is still smaller than the profit. If on the opposing, capital can be tough slowly but definitely.


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The best pair for Ilan 1.6 is GBPUSD and lot=0.01. When you see the counselor is open sales and CCI with a period of 55 to fifteen minutes chart above Drop (default 500) as well as you see open purchase and CCI with a period of 55 to fifteen minutes chart below-Drop (default 500), then you should close up all positions on the current pair, and make a log message “Closed All due to Time Out”.

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Review on No Loss Martingale Indicator

I have found a great way how to not lose using martingale. I have back tested with full history on eur/usd. In this post, I want to share my idea so that everyone can get a safe martingale. I have found a strategy after thinking a lot how to avoid super trends which Martingale can lose. It is very simple strategy. The first step is that you have to do buy and sell on eur/usd. After getting 500 pips you have to close the position in positive and double up the negative as well as always receive a counter position. If you can’t wait for 500 pips, then this strategy is not for you.


You have to make all the back tested as I told so you will never kill an account. This is not Holy Grail other than a special thing to trade. As well you can make a back test on 100k with starting position 0.10 in the worst situation ever which is 3000 pips without turning 250 pips.

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Vladimir Ribakov eBooks Free Download

Boost Your Forex Profits With Unique Convergence Strategy: Sell The Rally, Buy The Valley


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In this book, Vladimir Ribakov explains how expert traders unlock the currencies’ hidden price action, to take out reliable income from the Forex, Stocks & Futures markets. If you are new in Forex, stocks or futures, and looking for the accurate tools to make sure your success, this book is the finest value you can obtain for your money as well as your future. As well as, he takes the reader at the rear the scenes of the market’s price action, showing how to make the most of profits and make out trading opportunities before the rest of the crowd. Vladimir developed a strategy called “Sell The Rally, Buy The Valley” throughout the years to do that.

In this book, Vladimir Ribakov describes a unique strategy that can be applied effectively to the Forex market as well as for stocks, indices and futures markets, and is anticipated both for beginner as well as advanced traders.

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Mark Deaton Renegade Trader Review

Mark Deaton Renegade Trader



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Marke Deaton strategy from renagade trader is a new system which looks like it could have lots of potential to a huge amount of money. The website “Renegade Trader” is committed to educating new and seasoned traders on how to effectively find the way asset classes and discover low risk trading scenarios on any device in any time frame. It is also engaged to help traders increasing their accurateness in trading Options, Forex as well as Futures.

Mark Deaton is the person who started out trading Options about 11 years ago, and progressively began to observe amazing similarities in the extremely leveraged Forex and Futures markets. He also decided to find a way to trade using a set of principles in place of a bunch of dissimilar systems. He found out a technique of trading that focused on the underlying reasons at the back of all price movement.

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George Bayer eBooks Free Download

George Bayer eBooks

George Bayer was a great financial astrologer and trader who made a big contribution for market forecasts during the same time as W. D. Gann and also wrote lengthily about financial astrology. He believed that it enclosed scientific assessment on astrological cycles. May be, He was the first person who tried to apply other astronomical parameters in forecasting financial markets.

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George Bayer set up a technique of Horoscope analysis known as the Five Fold Horoscope as well as claimed that astrological progression of the moon over the points of such a horoscope produced shaking in the cost of a stock or commodity. The three main works of George Bayer are:

1. Stock and Commodity Trader’s Handbook of Trend Determinations

2. Time Factors in the Stock Market

3. Secret of Forecasting Prices

George Bayer was an extraordinary trader in how he established his intelligence to the idea of financial astrology – such amazing concentration in documenting what was going on in the heavens when a market was creating circumstances for buying or selling.


Forex Envy 3.0 Free Download

No doubt, Forex Envy is very powerful EA as well as its performance is approximately good at all but it requires placing accurate settings. Most excellent currency pair for this EA is with default settings is EURUSD and in mode 1 the most preferable.


But it is not good to use for everyone because it have blown all PAMM A/Cs sometimes as a result hundreds investors lose 97% of their enormous hard-earned money in a few weeks. Thus I extremely suggest that you run a demo for a few months first before you start to trade with real account. If you switch the only long / short, envy sometimes decline to release a position.

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From my experience, I can say that the support team is very fine and responds to any questions. There is a constant payment fee not much but you have to pay to get the support service. This is superior in my vision as the developer has a vetted attention in customer’s current business with them. The EA has become more popular after TP feature which is very helpful if you do not wish for to trade after TP.



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Most Accurate Forex Indicator Free Download

Binary Bullion Bot is a very useful binary options trading system released by Jacob Tremor. You can purchase it through Clickbank for $17 and comes with a 60 day cash back guarantee. The Binary Bullion Bot is automated trading system and working on connecting computers. This system can be great beneficial for you keep to track of your investments and returns.


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I think Binary Bullion Bot is just an extremely marketed product by somebody that knows very small about trading, and further about marketing. You will get real results to see from this system, just a few screenshots of what are imaginary to be e-mails of attractive trades and withdraws.

But you need to understands how it works in the forex market is a big way to create real money quick. You can start with a small investment with an understanding of financial markets and the best means to make gains. Binary Bullion Bot offers a clearer understanding of the records, the user that initially had started to play one or two currency denominated funds in the snow can begin.

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FX Childs Play System Free Download

FX Childs Play System


FX Childs Play System is a fundamental forex system which is very accurate, very profitable, and incredibly basic & easy to follow. It is explained step-by-step that only requires 10-20 minutes to trade a day. It is not essential to look at forex graphs for hours on end. It has its own Money Management tactics integrated that is gone over in more specify in the video instruction. This system involves three EMA’s as well as the adapted FX Child’s Play System Indicator.

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FX Childs Play System is rapidly identifiable entry and exit indicators along with preset exit points – all you’ve got to carry out is watch your earnings pile up. It can be used to trade a lot of times per day utilizing shorter timeframes – you no longer require passing by another lucrative trade because you presently have one going. It can work with any time frame. As well as, you can employ it for intraday trading with 5 – minute charts. Furthermore you can use it to trade with daily or weekly charts.

The most important feature is that you can use this system to increase your profits quickly, and save your time.