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TrioDancer3 Forex EA Review

Trio Dancer Auto Forex Robot is a 100% self-determining piece of software which allows you to make profits. There are many specialists of Trio Dancer Robot and is not like other robots out there. It’s very simple to use but provides great service. It’s beneficial, it’s reliable, it has a wonderful risk reward, and you don’t need to do anything. You can make your account double a month using this robot.


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It is one of the great systems that allow you to be highly winning no matter if you’re a novice, intermediate or advanced trader.  You can trade with Trio Dancer Robot working on all currency pairs, especially with EUR/USD and GBP/USD. The Trio Dancer will permit you to make best use of your profits as well as to reduce your losses. It has a tremendously low drawdown.  A great benefit is you can use it with any MetaTrader broker.  You’ll be capable to give up your full-time work and have more time to perform the things you in reality like to do.

I am very hopeful that you’ll be a very successful Forex trader with this trading system. You are most welcome in our blogs and feel free to leave your valuable comments.

Forex Hacked 2.5 Free Download

ForexHacked is a martingale EA but you can make huge money. It is also risky trading with ForexHacked EA. If you can find right setting on EA, it can make a huge profit. It works as moving average scalper with martingale. This can work fine as the market is increasing exponentially on yearly basis. You need to take this problem out of equation. The most significant thing is to prefer one account size and join with it until you have sufficient to risk going up $1000 and having adequate to compensate if it looses a number of times. You make your own risk choice.


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According to me, the gold hour is 10PM GMT. You can use this hour as base. You can start EA on account of lowest amount of $1000, and turn on robot on GBPUSD and USDJPY H1 charts at accurately 10PM. You can turn off EA and close ALL trades at 9:59PM next day. I have made a backtest and there is 95% chance for making profit. I assume 70% chance that it will be in profit of more than $150.

You are most welcome in our blogs and feel free to leave your valuable comments.

Oracle EA Free Download

Oracle EA is the easiest and most excellent EA so far. The main features of this EA are Automatic stop loss and target calculation. I believe doing manual closes when you consider it is enough profit will take care of the exercise of this EA. You can work out a good setting or time frame, choosing 1 hour can keep things simple. One of the good advantages is that you can notice with the template what is going on, and when EA may take action. It helps you to take decision when it is good time to capture the RSI cross event for successful close of trade.

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If you want, you can also add different magic numbers for multiple trades with same pair, with changing targets. In particular it works based on the included Fibo-Pivot lines which are very perfect. If you desire to get started, you can force a trade on manually thus should find on a trend. You can decide to include trailing stop loss or button it off.

You can reduce percentage of risk per trade by default setting can be 2% risk highest.




Review on Trade Miner System

TradeMiner is a great program considered to assist you gets in touch with your trading decisions fast, not create your decisions for you. It is innovative trading system that can automatically identify trending stocks through the make use of artificial aptitude and brute force mathematics. All of us know that trading stocks or futures or currencies is not always simple, it is also lengthy and entails a definite quantity of risk. The behavior of stockmarket is uncertain that can go up or down. Therefore a tool that makes your trading easier and saves you time is absolutely worth considering.


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This great system allows you to examine the entire market by month or by character in all three platforms, Stocks, Futures and Forex. Three versions of the software is available, you can employ Trader Miner Software to trade stocks, futures or Forex. The software can produce buy and sell signals. As well, you will study what’s the best stop loss or profit margin to get on a stock. It will give you the access to use TraderMiner for short term swing trade as well as long term invests.

You are most welcome in our blogs and feel free to leave your valuable comments.



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TFOT EA Free Download

I am using TFOT Expert Advisor since few months and I want share to share my experience here. I am still using default settings on the EUR/USD with a $10k Hot Forex demo account. You should not use the USD/CAD because it can cause a big loss on the live account. Basically, you can use “TFOT” EA based on two dissimilar strategies – this makes the advisor is thoughtless to market circumstances. You can consider both strategies work similar to two single modules. It helps to keep away from big drawdown and strategies will beat around the bush each other. You can use this expert advisor with any brokerage company, NFA, and non NFA Brokers.


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For installation of this EA, you do not need any particular knowledge and are widely used by learner and skilled traders, alike. It is possible to start trading by means of our Metatrader Expert Advisor within an hour of buy. If you want, you can use this EA works in the Metatrader 4 trading terminal, which is free-of-charge. At first, you should start to work with Metatrader Expert Advisor on demo first then get it live.

Every new versions and updates of Expert Advisor are free of cost. You will be offered a flexible system of payment integrated discounts and bonuses.



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Forex InfoBOT System Review

Forex InfoBOT System is one of the latest products Rita Lasker and Green Forex Group. It has become vey popular within short periods affter launched into the market. It has a huge demand from the fellow members of the Green Forex Group. So, you should collect your copy as soon as possible. Another most awaited product of the season Forex InfoBOT System has just been launched. This is completely incredible System that much smarter than just an Indicator, more consistent than a basic Forex Robot and more gainful than any other of our products for manual trading.


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Impotant Features of Forex InfoBOT System:

Forex InfoBOT System is suitable for currecy pairs: EURUSD, GBPUSD and H1 timeframe.

It never gets repaint.

It calculates and offers SL and TP.

Algorithm workings can stable over years.

Forex InfoBOT System has got a profit $42,480 in 2 months.

The most recent Forex InfoBOT System has been come in market since few days, but you can already see lots of results along with tons of positive reports from customers. Please feel free to contact us, if you want to collect this system.