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SuperTradeSystem Free Download

SuperTradeSystem is very difficult and you cannot be business prepared unless you really research it for several weeks. The writer is a deluded man who has an impractical anticipation of his program and individuals capability to comprehend his incredibly very subjective techniques. He does not forewarn customer that there is a no return plan but tries to battle to keep your difficult generate income on an ineffective challenging program.


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I’ve been using celebrity for about 5 several weeks now. It took 2 several weeks really to understand it. It’s actually quite a excellent program, it’s not a ultimate goal but it is an advantage and that is really all one needs, I usually discover at least one business a day per forex couple and I business a few couples. I create about 50 pips a day on regular and there have been a few deals where I really hit house operates and created a few number of pips. I could create more but I do not like tracking too many couples all day lengthy as its depleting and I have enough time constraints.

So about the studying, The e-book was not enough for me, I study it several time but factors were not really simply clicking for me, contact me foolish I think, this is the kind of program, at least for me, that I need to actually observe other individuals do it, There were a lot of deals in the top quality area that I printed out and began illustrating over them everything that I discovered both from the guide and from the community.


Review on Simple Astro Forecasting Methods of HWSteele

The thing about Astro Forecasting Methods of HWSteele is that two circled places on the right part of the system are showed. These are the factors we will be enthusiastic about viewing besides the visual or “astro wheel” that requires up most of the system show. The end group (yes I know they are not real circles) reveals where the planet’s are, providing the levels of the present indication they are in, and then the moments after the indication. If you see an “R” after that, which indicates the globe is currently retrograde, which I’m sure you all know indicates we are using the geocentric astrology. After that it reveals the planet’s declination in levels followed by the planet’s “glyph” or image used on the “wheel” to indicate the planet’s place.


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The top group reveals what the time frame and time are on the rim. You are able to shift enough time both ahead and in reverse with the plus or less important factors on your key pad or variety pad. The standard is day (24hours) amounts shifted for each force of the plus or less important factors. You can modify the phase amount buy having the SHIFT key and forcing the variety important factors on the key panel.







When you decide on a new time phase amount the system will instantly begin getting enough time ahead at the new phase amount. To quit this basically hit the “P” key to quit the getting. Now you can use the plus or less important factors as per regular.

You can also hit the variety important factors on the key panel to increase the phase amount by the variety chosen. If you are currently on the day phase amount and you force the variety 7 key you will phase One week per force of the plus or less control buttons, and so on.


4 Indicators EA Free Download

I am testing the 4 Indicators EA for a month. It looks good quality so far. It does not perform on ECN agents such FinFX etc. I would not suggest M5 for stay dealing or even assessment. The collections are just too near to together to be successful and plenty of deals would not be taken because the lowest stop level would avoid restrict purchases being produced. I used m5 just to confirm the factor proved helpful, not as a serious analyze. The quickest interval of time that I’ve observed of being used with v12 is 1 time.


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For the MML signal, the key parameter is P which is the interval used to get the high /low variety which should be set to an interval which seems sensible for the interval of time you use. The standard is 118 which just happen to be the variety of H1 cafes weekly from my information company. For H4, 1 weeks time is 30 cafes so P=60 or 120 seems sensible. Reduced principles of P will produce more deals but also more problematic redraws.

I just began the EA in trial this night and it’s already taken a EURUSD brief. The EA is now trying to put an offer restricts for GBPUSD but it keeps closing the transaction and then resubmitting it.


Pipjet EA Free Download

Forex Megadroid team has developed the PipJet Forex robot. Its performance is not just great but, furthermore, it’s reliable. There are actual people with actual skills behind its growth. Its technique is one of the best to be designed for the EUR/USD couple in the last 4-5 years (probably even longer). It’s the item itself – its quality, the assistance behind it, how the market most judges it, and the reliability with which it’s designed that make it increase above the rest, making it long-lasting in the market, an actual STAR.

Trading session: The software goes into deals during the Asian session and, based on the technique factors, might quit in either the Asian or European session.


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Timeframe: Temporary, mostly intra-day (meaning, the software tries to make deals on the same day).

Type of trading: Variety. Identify and manipulate high possibility reversals within well-established, combined price programs.

We discovered the greatest synergy between:

1) Spectacular, extremely successful technique,

2) Key behavior modify in a forex couple with large chance, and

3) A certain extremely successful (and under-exploited!) interval to business.


Khit Wong Books Free Download

Financial Astrology & Stock Market Astrology – A Guide to Stock Market Acceleration Points for Stocks and Futures Trading

This is an astrology trading book released back in 2011 April, based only on astrology and planet movements & within the guide had expected the 2012 industry perfectly such as the European fall (x2 date), China & Brazil Stock Market drop, and rise of Gold within 1 day in distinction the actual top/ base. The main concept of the guide can be found on why astro signs sometimes perform and sometimes not, so that one cans business only when it performs and prevents gambling the non-working ones:


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– To foreknow the long run time frame is a top or a base instead of only understanding certain upcoming time frame is an industry revenues date

– To understand why astro signs only performs on certain shares but not others i.e. describe the situation why the amazon stock brought up a lot, but my auction web sites stock promoting similar things but not increasing as much

– To foreknow exactly which astro signs which perform on my stock in particularly which period, when it begins and when it finishes, thus increasing your benefit in getting the benefit in specific time only.

– Illustrations cover ^DJI Dow Jackson Commercial Regular Catalog, ^HSI Hold Seng Catalog, ^SSEC ShangHai Blend Catalog, Currency trading European, Product Maize, Silver, ^BVSP South America Inventory Catalog, ^XU100 Istanbul Stock Index, Stock: Sprint Nextel, Yahoo!, and Starbucks.


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3000 pips weekly Trading system Review

3000 pips weekly trading system is really awesome I have already tried to win a basket system and easily made 200 pips a day. This program is depending on dominant currency trading, find follower pacemaker and then combine into one family. Performance depending on cost activity and self-fulfilling Prediction. (SNR) can be used for a single couple, double couple or multiple couples. This is appropriate for scalping, short term only. This is ideal for beginner who is experienced with price action. If not efficient, you must research and exercise past cost activity before trying.


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The appropriate couples are:


Usd/chf ….Usd/Cad




You should research the recommendations until you are acquainted. Newbie is still studying. An apology is for being lacking. This technique is an extension from technique 1000 pips per week. If you have not completed studying through that, do not research this. This is not appropriate for beginners. If new to this suggest mastering 1000 pips a week before using this.

You are most welcome in our blogs and feel free to leave your valuable comments.



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XMT-Scalper Free Download

A latest version of XMT-Scalper has come in the market. This is version Version 2.4.1. I have checked it for when ECN Mode = TRUE and BUY/SELL orders have not yet been modified, to avoid running orders without SL. You need to wait for one second and then modify the order with a SL that is 3 pips from current price. You can change default settings after extensive back tests using 99% tick-data.


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At present I am using XMT (2.2.6 and .7) with a forced SELL only option since I suppose that upper spikes are more likely to retrace in a down trend. There is a good thing all standard Indi that could be implemented into the code. If by user input one could choose to verify for a trend based on H1, H4, D1 or whatever and permit XMT to counter trade only spikes beside a bigger trend. I’m confident we all would see fewer losers – that’s what I’m having on my demo anyhow.

TP and SL are used to with passion with Order Modify command as often as essential as they are trailed. This is the proposal behind the plan in this EA. If they had preset values and never misused it would be a totally dissimilar strategy, and it would not create many money-making trades. The default settings are optimized, and should only be altered if you do widespread back tests, particularly if there are back tests for additional currency pairs.

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Basket Trading Strategy Review

I am a Basket trader and as such business from 2 pairs to 14 pairs. I have observed that if the EURUSD goes up then there are at least 14+ other couples that go up. So, if for example EURUSD goes up then so do GPBUSD, AUDUSD, NZDUSD, EURJPY, AUDJPY, GBPJPY and NZDJPY etc. (Majors) If you take a Container business on 1 pair(EURUSD) then you can eventually take a business on 14 couples, 10 pips TP on a 14 Container can outcome in 140+ benefit. If you have a signal that gives you the “sum of” the couples then you wish to business, so much better.


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1- Start a GBPJPY M1 graph and a GBPJPY M15.

2- Position the T101 Indi Price History on the TWO GBPJPY maps. You will see a Natural T101 tab at the end right of your display which indicates the Indi is operating.

3- You can choose “Basket” to 8 for 8 couples (GBPUSD, EURJPY, AUDUSD, NZDJPY, EURUSD, GBPJPY, NZDUSD and AUDJPY). Or you can choose the basket to 14 for the Orest couples. I usually trade mostly 8 couple. Leave the TF on 0 as it will by standard choose the same TF as the graph it is placed on.

4- Select Computer file > Start Off-line > T101 and open it up.

5- Position the Heiken Ashi Smoothed MTF indi on the Off-line graph.

6- Choose the Time Structure of Indi to 15.

7- Hang on for the HAS to modify shade to Red / Red and wait around for 5 cafes of the same shade, then place Buy/Sell Container business.



Forex Xcalper EA Free Download

Xcalper is an automatic tactic in form of an MT4 Expert Advisor which scalps low multiply currency pairs such as EURUSD, USDCHF, EURGB, USDJPY and targets less than 5 pips or profit. Xcalper uses ADX indicator for discovery a strong trend, ATR indicator for verdict solid movements and checks dissimilar time frames to go in a trade that can be closed in a logical time and profit.


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Scalping is a trading plan which a trade is opened for a small time and little number of pips yet with high size of position. You may sprint Xcalper on any time frame. Xcalper mechanically extracts the standards of indicators from the required time frames. Xcalper is considered for MetaTrader 4.00 which is the most well-liked Forex trading platform.

Xcalper does not use hedging; so it is well-matched with U.S. brokers and NFA regulations. You may physically decide what direction (buy or sell) you would like the EA to trade in and the EA will discover the precise entry point only in that direction. This feature is valuable for users who pursue the news and would like to insert manual interference to the clean technical analysis of the EA.

Unique Forex Indicator Review

For the last 3 weeks I have been trying to warn people that a unique forex indicator (UFI) is a scam. A small number listened but most did not. I have dealt and got scammed and I did not want any people to get conned with $1000. UFI uses a bait and switch scam technique lures you with one indicator and sells you scam. The indicator is MTF and Multi time frame. It will not repaint on back test but on forward test it will repaint.


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As what you observe on YouTube videos and what you have on your screenshots are different indicators, or am I mistaken? Performing the equal but different names? Could someone of those scammed people post the indicator here so that the scam is exposed once and forever? All those screenshots do not give details things much. Moreover, we get the feeling that somebody likes everyone else to think that the indicator is useless.

For your own good I warn you only one of its kind forex indicators is a scam. I have done my greatest to tell you. That indicator on the video is an mtf indicator. Sefc and mtf indicators are set to 4hr chart or daily chart. You may purchase sefc indicator or super trend indicator.

You are most welcome in our blogs and feel free to leave your valuable comments.

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