Time To Buy or Sell Indicator Free Download

Time to buy or sell indicator looks great and possibly it will not repaint. May be you are capable to do back testing and will show the indicator to be great. But, when you use it in real time it appears different. And I have also got tried dealing some indicators whereby people say they don’t repaint.  One of the authors wrote that the indicator does not redraw is absolutely nonsense, it is redrawn you’ll observe it next Monday. Unluckily I have to state that this indicator repaints badly. It might look like a “holy grail” when you load it in chart but if you refresh your chart after 5 hours things would come into view totally different.  I have tested this relatively earlier that’s why I didn’t make a post.

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I am writing this post because I don’t want you to waste your time for testing repainting indicators. Repainting is not a good thing but a matter of anxiety.

MarketScalper Pro V8 Free Download

MarketScalper Pro V8 is very profitable Forex trading system which works best for GBPUSD currency pair and M1 time frame. Recently, a new Manual mode has been added with it which has huge adaptability across all markets, resulting in improved accuracy. As well as, this new software offers native support for non-time frame charts such as Renko, Range, Kase, Momentum, etc. MarketScalper Pro V8 as well consists of a new graphical user interface (GUI) that adjoins a firm background to indicator dashboard to avoid overlaying of chart elements.

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It is institutional-grade software and convenient scalping criteria usually used by expert traders as well as finance managers. This software successfully identifies high-probability switching factors, shifts, plus retracements. It includes four ways for all levels of risk appetite: Great opportunity, aggressive, strong, and manual. This manual system permits MarketScalper to effortlessly alter any scalping plan or price actions (market, period of time, graph category). It includes four kinds of indication alerts that are visible (arrow), pop-up, sound, and email.

My Best EA Free Download

In this post, I am interested to share my best Expert Advisor and indicator which I am using on my live accounts. So, this post might be very useful for newbie and all traders too. It has been a long time that I am using a manual indicator. This is more common indicator but I have grouped it with some other indicators to increase its performance.


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Krish manual forex is working very fine for me. For running it with moderate risk, you have to place .01 lots per $2,500. This will not give you chance to get rich, but you will earn money. The recommended pairs are USDCAD and AUDNZD. The Default settings are 15 minute USDCAD and 5 minute AUDNZD. The good thing is that it will not blow your account if you set it up properly. The majority of traders use this EA like a regular EA. If you use AUDNZD, it will allow .01 lots for every $10,000 in account.

Agnew Trade Turning System Review

I am writing this post on “Agnew Trade Turning System”. This is not the trade the turn system, but my own version. I would like you all to give my system and will tell how to use it. It is very easy to follow this trading style.

Trading Rules:

1) You will always get the trade in the 1 hour direction.

2) You will make sure there is sufficient momentum, so if the 1 hour is up then you need to make sure the bulls are at approximately 0.0025 for buying.


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3) Then, you will wait for the 5 min to go outside the bottom bands region then look for an up arrow. This would be your extensive signal in the 1 hour up trend similar for selling also but reverse. It will be looking at the stand to be below 0.0025 and 1 hour down then looking for 5 min to break upper bands.

You will a look at this 1 hour chart and try to get your head around what I am trying to speak about this, the bears should be lower than -0.0025 for a sell and for buying bulls above 0.0025.

Forex Goiler Indicator Free Download

Forex Goiler is a type of buy and sell indicator that is designed for Meta Trader Platform v4.0/5.0 and provides a signal when it is the best time to open a trade. The developer of Forex Goiler Indicator claims to have made 900% of profit using it in 8 month on live account. This Indicator is being used by professionals who require a consistent device that facilitates making a choice when to buy and sell in Forex market. This cautiously honed system uses Gann numbers such as 90, 180, 270 and 360. These numbers are used to sketch levels that demonstrate when to open a trade (White and Orange), get profit (DarkGreen and Lime) and stop loss (Red). This software takes as a parameter the open price of a day. You can use this indicator on any time frame.


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Key features:

It works based on Gann trading system.

It gives clear signals when to open and close a trade.

It gives audio entry alert.

It works on major and cross currency pairs.

You will get 60 days money-back guarantee.

No monthly fee is included.

E-mail support is provided.

Assenzio System Free Download

Assenzio System looks very perfect, but it needs further testing to identify these very nice indicators. I suppose that it must be repainted in news and sudden market moves. It has capability of using at multiple time frames. I want to mention that I’m working on it with comparing other indicators at those charts in mt4 ST mode and will report.


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It’s very difficult to let know from just a few screen shots. You can create any system look excellent with the correct market. I would like to observe what a few losing trades look like to monitor what type of market it doesn’t perform well in. My first feeling is that it may be too late getting you into a number of trades. In my opinion, there are lots of craps in the system and it gets people with insight to observe it to use Lauchpad system. Bit, it is the overall best system I’ve ever seen in trading.

Free Download Price Action Trading Course by John Templeton

Today, only 5% of all traders are really making money in the forex market. Every successful forex trader knows that the market is not automatic, and shouldn’t be handled as such.  It is very necessary you have investigated and interpreted the market in order to be successful. The goal of John Templeton is to get you to observe the market through your own eyes.  Not filtered through a Stochastics, MACD, RSI, or any other poor indicator, that evidently has just around the corner into the market. In the “Price Action Trade” course John Templeton will show you:


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How to rapidly mark a trend

The accurate means to use trend lines

My trading in the buff strategy (currently being sold individually for $77)

The significance of “Wicks” in trading

An actually easy means to spot true support and resistance

When and how to use Fibonacci Retracements

How to trade the market from the “Top-Down”

You are most welcome in our blogs and feel free to leave your valuable comments on Price Action Trading Course by John Templeton.

Bob Volman Forex Price Action Scalping Free Download

Finally, I have purchased “Forex Price Action” by Bob Volman. Really, it is very interesting book in scalping. The author only suggested trading the EURUSD on a 70 tick chart. In my opinion, it is approximately 30 seconds TF. He has used the TP is 10 pips as well as SL 10 pips. He has developed 7 setups such the double Doji Break, First Break, Range Break, and etc.


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This system can simply trade wholly naked, without any indicator only a 20 EMA, no trend line, nothing else. The most important thing I particularly like in this book is that there are a lot of examples discussed in great detail and in depth, so this is not a trading system but a complete process oriented scalping. You need to involve in all his thoughts from the start to the end of the trade. You will also discover a chapter on money management, but nothing new, classic.

I think it’s a high-quality book as well as well written by an honest and expert trader for traders oriented scalping.

PBF Xtreme System Free Download

PBF Xtreme is a great system that maximizes your profit potential by entering at the beginning of the trade. The earlier you travel the trend you will get the higher profits. Even, you can only trade for a few minutes a day and invest a small amount to start trading. It also excels at predicting the beginning of a trend moments prior to it materializes.


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An amazingly powerful and new indicator has been coded in this system. It’s named the Xtreme Squeeze Bias line and it will develop how you trade. The Bias Line is the heart of the system uses a complicated statistical algorithm that took years of development. It is something you have ever seen before in terms of accurateness and ease of use. So, you’ll never lose money on the table again by exiting a place too early.  It is built in a clever sub-indicator that predicts when the market will turn ““ giving you the scope to grasp every pip out of your trade.

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Alladin 5 Forex EA Free Download

In this post, I would like to share Alladin 5 Forex EA. I have tested on EURUSD and 15M, but it can work with other pair. This is a new scalper EA based on WSFR EA from Russian developer. This EA works very well on EURUSD, and GBPUSD. The recommended time frame is M15 and recommended broker is Alpari. Your individual license will cover one demo account plus one “live” account. This account will never expire and there are no “monthly fees” or any other related charges for use.


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You will need to run this software on MetaTrader 4.0 platform. I have used it on demo account and my back test was very well. You will remember that the default stop lose on this EA without using the setup file provided is 32 pips and Wall Street default stop lose is 120 pips. It is an amazing WallStreet Forex copycat with some alterations, such as a volume filter with a martingale risk management.

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